Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap

STRT TRBL signee L9 brings something fresh to the scene with this smooth joint produced by Cardec Drums.

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Genre: R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Singer/Songwriter

Produced by the duo 808XEliTE, Infiltrate Music singer/rapper HillaryJane brings the heat on her debut release ‘Stix and Stones’.

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They say be careful and look before you take your first step
Love is so dangerous you don’t wanna have regrets
I might be in over my head
You won’t leave me for dead, no

Aye, holding on to every word that You say
Courage comes and goes in waves, but with You I’m just always so brave on the wild side

It’s dangerous to be in love but I like it on the wild side, the wild side’s
Dangerous for hearts to touch, but I want You to hold mine, there’s no denying that I’m
Dangerous with you. I’m so Dangerous with you. You got me feelin’

Feelin like I’m runnin from the police how my heart stay rushin
Light up the dark light up this art you know it’s me why you askin me questions
I know its Him cause He given me life I know we win in the end no surprise
Pen in my hand are you down for the ride it might get wild we like that side

Oh we got it so I flaunt it love on repeat like its chronic
Word on the street is we’re toxic Infiltrating other’s mindsets
I’m a diamond got me shinin’ I’m the branch and You’re the vine and
Loves so fierce got the heart of a lion veils been pierced so it’s hard to stay silent

Aye, holding on to every word that You say
Courage comes and goes in waves, but with You I’m just always so brave on the wild side

It’s dangerous to be in love but I like it on the wild side, the wild side’s
Dangerous for hearts to touch, but I want You to hold mine, there’s no denying that I’m
Dangerous with you. I’m so Dangerous with you. You got me feelin’

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Old-School feel,

Michigan rapper James Gardin brings the old school vibes in his latest release ‘Clock In’.

In his own words: “Do you have a day job that you know isn’t your purpose? Well this is your anthem,here is my attempt at analyzing our overworked spirits that at times needs to refresh and refocus on purpose.”

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Dear Listener,

It’s been a busy year! Our audience has increased hugely – the YouTube channel now has over 12,000 Subscribers and total video views currently stands at 1.5 million! Amongst the growth though with some help from friends and family I’ve been in touch with more artists to bring you another free summer mixtape and here it is.

It’s not as long as last years, at just 11 tracks but I’d rather deliver a shorter mixtape of top quality music than fill it with anything I could get permission for!

Like last years mixtape I hope you are introduced to new artists through this compilation. I’ve come to know some of these artists really well whilst putting this together and by speaking to them throughout the year and I can honestly say there are some great people featured on this album who truly worship Christ with everything that they have to give. So, check out the poster that’s included and get in touch with the artists’ through Facebook and Twitter etc. and tell them how much you appreciate their music, knowing these guys most of them will probably even find the time to reply to you! (Then go download the rest of their work!)

Be encouraged by their music, share it with friends not just because you secretly hope they’ll become Christians through it but because it’s simply a collection of great music! Enjoy the diverse mix of genres, the different ways that people praise God and the different stories people have to tell.

My prayer this year is for this mixtape to spread further than before, to reach Christians throughout the world who need encouraging, Christians who wish there was great music for a great God, Christians who need a new song to sing and soundtrack to dance to.

A huge thanks to all the artists involved, for supporting the blog and the work I do and wanting to be part of this small but influential mixtape.

And finally thanks to you the listener for the continued support to both the blog and the artists we feature, whether it’s simply by liking a link on Facebook, sharing the blog with friends or donating money so that we can give more copies of the mixtape away. Thank you for making this possible.

In Christ,
Stephen Bradley,

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Rapper, poet and artist, Propaganda releases his second album with Portland based label Humble Beast, titled Crimson Cord. On this track he’s joined by none other than Reach Records’ Andy Mineo and Humble Beast’s latest signing – Saint City rapper, JGivens.

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap,

Produced by Soulection artist IAMNOBODI, on this track Sean C. Johnson, Shy Speaks and Adam L. give their testimonies on how pornography and porn addiction has affected them. The title takes it’s name from XXX which in roman numerals is 30, this number being important because it takes 30 days of not doing something to break a habit/addiction. With some powerful testimonies, and a real honesty from these artists on an issue that affects so many people in the church who may not have the appropriate support to talk through these struggles, this song may offend some but speak loudly to others. Excerpts from a John Piper sermon have also been used to add impact to the great lyrics of the track; a favourite line being the brilliant nod from Shy Speaks to the original instrumental – Kendrick Lamar’sB****, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ – with the line “I guess I killed their vibe”.

As a note, I’m aware that some people who hear this may struggle with porn addiction and would like to use this song to point people to the brilliant ministry of


Verse 1:
Wish I could erase the images I’ve seen
Year was 93’, tape on the bed right next to me
Couldn’t wait till my Auntie went to sleep, so we put the TV on mute
And the girl on the TV so cute, could have sworn she was looking at me
Now the seed is planted so deep, turn the lights off
Mouth sitting wide open, but I can’t talk
Did the girl just really take her clothes off?
Can’t look away, it’s about to do down holler “May Day”
Real talk I thought this was a game? I left that room with chains
Never looked at girls the same, because I know
Being thirty years old and a virgin, don’t mean you out grow them urges
Never should have pulled back that curtain
Thank God for the blood he purchased me
Still the images in my sleep; never thought I’d be this deep
When a girl walk past I’m weak… Why not? That’s what I’m thinking
I’m a pig in the morning like bacon, clothes on in my mind you naked
My virtue I’m forsaking. My Lord 
Probably going to need your grace
Don’t forget my face…be back tomorrow roll tape. 

Bare my soul, let it go, let it go
Heavy load, bare my soul, let it go, let it go

Verse 2:
(I was) A sweet 16, looking so clean, with 2 of my girls, linking up with our boos
We agreed we weren’t pitching home-runs, but letting’em hit a few bases was cool
So yeah he knew, he wasn’t gone do me; plus we were coming to just watch a movie
He popped it in, it was a flick, and all I seen was the back of a chick
With her hand on his “whoa”, out the corner of my eye, I’m looking at him feeling sick
You would’ve sworn I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, they way I start yelling, “Aye pull it out, quick”
They looked at me like “you serious?”, I looked like, “yeah that’s right”
They looked at me and just SMH’d, I guess I killed their vibe but
I, say we gone get caught, plus it’s too loud, he say, my dad walk in right now he would be proud
Wow, but bore me; he say, “nah you a virgin, you scared of this orgies”
He was right, I left that room with questions
Am I the object of a man’s affections or his erection
All I know, that day I said no, & as a woman, I never looked backed
But if I did this is how it would go
I would haul in from a hard day, hop up out my heel
In heat, I would hover the internet for some hot thrills
Conscious crying, body tingling, head low singing

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3: 
I used to sneak peeks at my momma’s catalog, that’s where the apple falls 
On pouty lips and padded bras, and that’s what Adam saw
It had him all off balance
And castles fall when passive palace walls are challenged by the reign of cats and jackled dogs 
She bares her chest, now I bare my chest (Hasslehoff)
I swear my chest was barely even hairy when my addict called, and told me that is all
Convincing me this blackened hall was one I had to walk
And I had a Dad and Mom
But my camouflaged was real, for every layer that she peels there’s one that I conceal
And I can deal with this until I get to numb to feel what I can’t kill
If you can’t drive a screw you know the drill
You take the only pill and slowly kill your family
Traded my first love for a fantasy 
All because a planted seed I can’t retrieve 
I think of how it damaged me
Can’t stand to think my fantasy was probably there because her father was a man 
like me… Help me Jesus!!

Repeat Chorus

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Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap

Featuring an eclectic mix of some of the best Christian rappers on the scene, this remix is a monster of a track and 8 minutes of sheer brilliance. With a hook from British pop-star Ellie Goulding and JGivens’ Drake impersonation at 4:00 emphasised with the hilarious “Now Un-Drake!”, what’s not to like?!

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