Future of Forestry – Gazing

Genre: Indie, Rock, Worship

This song is taken from Future of Forestry’s debut album Twilight. Eric Owyoung, the man behind FoF doesn’t like to be classed as a Christian Rock band, though he is still very much a firm believer. This is easy to tell when you listen to the lyrics on this track, which is clearly a worship song to God, about grace and love. This may be one of Future of Forestry’s more Christian rock songs, so if you are looking for some less worship style music check out some more of their recent stuff such as the Travel Series. It’s less “Christian Rock” but God can still clearly be seen between the lines, sometimes more obviously than others.

From this blessed morning
My love constant has been pouring
Pouring out like rivers to Your heart
Glory bells are ringing
I can’t keep myself from singing
Singing out like rivers to Your heart

Oh, Lord, I have found my place in this home, this home inside of You
And here, my Lord, I can see Your face
In this home, this home inside of You

Like a child I’m gazing
Into wondrous grace
For You have been the love that fell like sun upon my face
Like a child I’m gazing
Into wondrous love
You’re taking me to places that my heart is dreaming of

Broken I was crawling
And You saw my tears were falling
Falling down like rivers to Your heart
When my world was folding
God, You saw my prayers were flowing
Flowing out like rivers to Your heart

Hear the sacred songs that touch the earth and the sky
See them rise until they move like stars within Your eyes

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