Jadon Lavik – Amazing Grace

Genre: Acoustic, Worship, Singer/Songwriter, (Acoustic) Jazz

I heard of Jadon Lavik through seeing a review for his new album of hymns, named Roots Run Deeper (which is available for free from his website, link below), but whilst listening to his songs I found this incredible version of Amazing Grace from his first hymn album and instantly had to share it. I’ve heard so many acoustic versions of this classic hymn but I’ve never heard someone completely put their own touch to it. The brilliant guitar riff and his strong voice really make this song so great in my opinion, and I can’t wait to share some of his arrangements of Christmas hymns/songs as it gets closer to December 25th!

This song is taken from Jadon Lavik’s first hymn album, Roots Run Deep.
All rights belong to Jadon Lavik.

Add this to your hymn playlist and download the album off iTunes:
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For more info about Jadon Lavik and to download his new album for free visit:


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  1. Ross said:

    Yeah – Roots Run Deep(er) got me revisiting Jadon’s earlier works. One of my personal favorites is “Praise Him” from Art & Soul and “Moving on Faith” I think that may have been one of his really early works, but I like the “Road Acoustic” version – just a sucker for that acoustic sound I guess. I like your scripture choice above “He who has ears let him hear.”

    • Thanks Ross, great to hear from some followers, yeah Jadon just has an amazing talent when it comes to guitar. I really love his other stuff but when I heard how he does Amazing Grace I just had to put it on. He really just breaths some fresh air in to it with his arrangement. I’m eagerly waiting for Christmas purely so I can playhis Christmas stuff on repeat! Thanks for getting in touch!

      God Bless.

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