Othello & The Hipknotics – Organic

Genre: Jazz, Hip-Hop

This song is taken from the album Classic, which is a mixture of studio recordings and live recordings of Othello playing with the jazz band The Hipknotics. Unfortunately I haven’t found anywhere to purchase this album physically or mp3 format.; after searching for a while though I did find a free download for it which I was reluctant to do but it was my only option. However, a few of the songs on this album are featured on Othello’s solo release Elevator Music. So I’ll leave a link to that album underneath and if you really want the album Classic a good search on google should get you what you want.

All rights belong to Othello & The Hipknotics.

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For more information about Othello check out: http://www.facebook.com/OzayMooreMusic

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