The Last Bison – Iscariot

Genre: Folk, Indie, Bluegrass

This song comes from The Last Bison’s (previously known as Bison) debut album Quill. The Last Bison are a 7 piece band from Virginia, USA.

I came across this band when Monster’s Calling Home (who I uploaded recently) tweeted ‘If you’re a fan of Mumford and Sons, check out my brothers and sisters, @thelastbison. They will not disappoint.’ so naturally I did as instructed and was pleasantly surprised. If are looking for a Mumford & Sons clone however, you are in the wrong place, this band is similar but very much have their own style. The lead singer’s rough vocals backed up by a variety of instruments makes for a truly beautiful album. This song, Iscariot, is about Judas (as you may have guessed) and though the lyrics may be fairly simple the brilliance for me comes at the end of the song when the singer flips the perspective to that of Jesus singing ‘I have used / Your unbelief, to set them free’. This album is definitely worth checking out and if you head over to their bandcamp you can also get hold of the song Switzerland for free.

All rights belong to The Last Bison.

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