Wayfarer – The Holly & The Ivy

Genre: Indie, Christmas, Carol

Wayfarer describe themselves as a band that make repurposed hymns. And for this Christmas they are releasing two Christmas songs. The first of these, is their cover of this classic carol, The Holly & The Ivy. I love the sound of Wayfarer and the hymns that they have ‘repurposed’ are absolutely brilliant, their cool indie, surf rock style adds so much to the classic songs, and is pretty unique sound in Christian music right now.

Download Wayfarer’s Christmas EP here:

For more information on Wayfarer visit:
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  1. AC said:

    Hey guys I love your blog!
    Could I make one website design request? Could you guys have the video available on the home page so that I don’t have to click through each post to get to the video?

    Also could you have a playlist of all songs sorted in order of most recently posted? Perhaps this could be a “sticky” post that always shows up on top. If you have this then you could ignore my above request as that probably makes the home page loading time quite long.

    Just thought I’d ask, no big deal if it’s too much work.

    Thanks again for this awesome resource!

    • Hi, yes I really wanted to make the videos available on the homepage as you said but this template doesn’t allow for it so ill spend some time sorting things out and making it more user friendly. In the meantime try using our channel on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/thegcmblog also on there there are some playlists of genres available, I will also add a complete playlist for all our songs too. Thanks so much for the suggestions, watch this space!

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