King’s Kaleidoscope – O Come All Ye Faithful

Genre: Indie, Christmas, Carol

This song is taken from King’s Kaleidoscope Christmas EP, Joy Has Dawned, released today (27th November 2012) King’s Kaleidoscope are signed to the Mars Hill Music Label and are a worship band at one of the many Mars Hill churches in America.

Since I heard that King’s Kaleidoscope were working on a Christmas EP, I have been counting down the days for this release in pure childlike excitement. This is a cover of the classic Christmas Carol/Hymn O Come All Ye Faithful, and again, the horns and strings section of King’s Kaleidoscope do a fantastic job of adding atmosphere to the song, and in the case of this carol they add a real festive sound too. It’s also great to see that bands are still able to produce that Christmas sounding vibe without just adding quiet jingle bells in the background! The other highlights on this EP for me is the rendition of O Holy Night, and the modern hymn All Glory Be To Christ, written by fellow Mars Hill Worship leader Dustin Kensrue (Lead singer of Thrice & The Modern Post).

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