Young Oceans – All Who Hear

Genre: Indie, Worship, Experimental, Christmas

This song is taken from the album Advent.

Young Oceans are a band from Trinity Church, New York City, and this album, Advent, is their second release so far. Advent, is a Christmas album but rather than focusing on the birth of Jesus and the celebrations of our Saviour’s arrival, this album looks more towards the build up of excitement prior to the events in the New Testament. This song is a beautiful atmospherical soundscape with lyrics inspired and adapted from Isaiah 40:3-4:

“Let all who hear make way
And may these hearts prepare a place
For ‘God with Us’
Will come to save
And surely He shall comfort those he loves
And so we wait.”

As a truly inspiring, reflective and alternative soundtrack for the lead up to Christmas, I highly recommend getting your mittens on this EP.

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