NAK x Wy-I – Night Sky

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

“I write strictly for Christ, for humanity, and for the love of the art; I do not emcee with the intent to gain respect, money, or fame. Rather, I seek to share with my listeners the love of Christ through music…”

California based rapper, NAK raps with such precision and passion that its easy to understand how he has built up such a large following for himself on the internet. As you can see from his own description he lives for Christ and Christ alone and so on that note it gives me great pleasure to present to you such a humble rapper.

On this track NAK is backed by beats from the producer Wy-I.

Photo kindly provided by Saskia Goy.

Download NAK’s entire discography for free from his bandcamp:

For more info about NAK visit:
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1 comment
  1. Chris McD. said:

    I’ve met and talked to him a few times. Dude is a super nice guy, really humble, doesn’t put up a front. I try to push his music to my friends all the time, especially since it’s totally free. He’s gone on hiatus to finish nursing school and I wish him all the best.

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