Page CXVI – Be Still My Soul (Derek Webb Remix)

Genre: Acoustic, Remix, Hymn, (Downtempo) Electronica

This reworked and remixed hymn is taken from Page CXVI’s remix album Re-Hymns, edited by Christian musician and co-founder, Derek Webb. Page CXVI take their name from the roman numerals of a page in C.S Lewis’ ‘The Magician’s Newphew’ – the page where Aslan sings creation into existence.

CXVI formed out of the desire to bring old hymns back to life, making them accessible to young audiences and have since released 5 albums of hymns. Listening to Page CXVI’s music it’s hard not to appreciate the beautiful lyrics of the old hymns and so hearing these reworks then remixed again and brought into a completely different genre is just even more exciting!

“A Long Stretch Of Nothing” Photograph by Tim Jones –

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