The Oh Hellos – The Valley

Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Pop

This song is the opening track to The Oh Hellos first full length album, Through The Deep, Dark Valley. The Oh Hellos are comprised of the Texas siblings, Maggie and Tyler Heath who operate as an independent band. Released at the end of 2012, this album is a brilliant first LP, consistently well written and performed. Currently, this song has been on repeat, serving as a beautiful accompaniment to waking up each morning knowing that summer draws ever closer. All we can say is that this album leaves us waiting eagerly to hear more of The Oh Hellos, but for now Through The Deep, Dark Valley will certainly satisfy!

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  1. susanneevangelista said:

    we LOVE the oh hellos at my house. they’ve been on repeat for weeks!!! thanks for all the good stuff you share!

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