Judah & the Lion – Hesitate

Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Indie, Bluegrass

Taken from their latest release – Sweet Tennessee – this track really sees Judah & the Lion becoming more playful in their instrumental arrangements. The bouncing back and forth between the guitar and banjo riff on the verses of this song, though simple, adds a nice new element to their already polished sound. Listening to Sweet Tennessee its clear that the band have really stepped up the production quality and as a result have really delivered highly on this release. In lyrics, they have also explored new territory including more anecdotal song writing, however, its all still very much worshipful – just not as directly as their previous release. Overall this is a great second EP from Judah & the Lion, and its really exciting to see such development in their sound. I’m sure we’ll see this band go far…

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For more info about Judah & the Lion visit: http://judahandthelion.com/
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