Thad Kopec – Red Wolf

Genre: Acoustic, Indie-Folk, Singer/Songwriter

If it wasn’t for Noisetrade I think this gem of an album would have easily slipped under the radar. This is from the first full length album from Thad Kopec, titled Heart of Man. Currently he lives in Nashville where he studies Religion but in his spare time creates amazing music like this. From his songs it’s obvious that he is a storyteller, his songs consisting of vivid imagery and poetic descriptions. This song is a good taste of the entire album, varied yet still consistent in style somehow, shown through the break down halfway through the song which reprises the melody, this time completely acoustic and much more intimate. Some listeners may miss Thad’s faith in his songs as it’s not overly obvious but the beautiful pictures he paints with his lyrical metaphors are more than a strong testament to God’s glory.

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  1. Love this, some fab lyrics and a beautifully melodic tune, thanks for sharing!

  2. Rich said:

    Good stuff! I love finding out about new sounds and talented musicians our there. Not sure if you’ve already written about them, but I just discovered this nugget, You’ve gotta check them out!

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