Pilgrim – Only Your Presence

Genre: Synth-Pop, Electronica, Worship, Hymn

On this track, singer/songwriter Josh White (under the name Pilgrim) clashes synth pop/electronica with the gospel. Not the most popular of combinations in the Christian music scene, but it works, and it works surprisingly well! Drawing on elements from other sub genres such as glam rock and even trip hop, Josh White has yet again brought something fresh to the offering and all it makes me want to do is dance and praise the Lord. The lyrics to this track were written by Fanny Crosby in 1915 and was originally published as ‘All Will Be Well’.


Only Your presence, O Savior divine,
Only Your Spirit to merge with mine;
Only Your image of love on my breast,
Seal of forgiveness, assurance of rest.

Only Your presence to lead me aright,
Out of the darkness and into the light;
Only a whisper to tell You are near,
Only Your sunshine to banish my fear.

Only Your presence when trials I bear,
Lifting so gently my burden of care;
Only Your presence to show me the way,
Home to the garden of the infinite day.

Only Your presence when wild is the gale,
Only Your presence when joy is my sail;
Only Your presence my vessel to guide
Into the harbor and over the tide.

Even tho’ the billows like mountains may swell;
All will be well; all will be well;
Under Your shadow in peace I shall dwell;
All, all will be well.

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