Will Retherford – Fill Our Hearts (Feat. Lisa Gungor)

Genre: Worship, Singer/Songwriter, Pop-Rock,

Singing and writing worship music since he was a teenager, Will Retherford takes on worship music slightly different to most artists. It’s clear on this 2011 release of his that he has spent years developing his own style and it’s that uniqueness that makes this song sound so fresh. There’s a hint of pop, a little bit of rock, and a lot of good songwriting. On this track, Will is also joined by Lisa Gungor who provides backing vocals for this upbeat worship song.

(Verse 1)
Be wise in the heart, blameless from the start, build your house on the rock not the sand
Walk upright with the fear of the one who brings life to the dead and dry.

When I fail your grace is always there for me
When I fail your mercy is surrounding me

(Verse 2)
Bring words to the soul like a sweet honeycomb that brings healing to the bones
Comes pride before a fall in my weakness you are strong you fulfill my emptiness

(Chorus 2)
When I fail your grace is always there for me
When I fail your mercy is surrounding me

Fill our hearts with Joy
Fill our hearts with Hope
Fill our hearts with Love
Fill our hearts

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