AckDavis – Beautiful Feet (Feat. JusThoughtZ)

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

AckDavis, usually known as Samuel Harris, has been rapping since the day Christian rapper HanSoul literally walked up to him on the streets of Philadelphia and told him he should rap. After committing his life to Jesus at the end of high school, AckDavis then went on to Bible College where his knowledge of the Word grew. Since then he has been ministering on the streets and recording music that shares his experiences and understanding of Christ. On this track – taken from his latest offering “Downtime II” – he is joined by Atlanta based emcee JusThoughtZ, for an honest sharing of thoughts, struggles and hopes all addressed directly to Christ.


[Verse 1: JusThoughtZ]
Tryna run from manhood and my reality
Blaming my calamity on all of those surrounding me
I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done that hurts people
Useless humanism
Using human wisdom hurts people!
Despise being debased, but won’t desert evil
Roaming in a wilderness of lies, tryna discern deceit
Profess to know The Way, but can’t seem to turn and seek
The Feet that trekked this Narrow Path
I take Your blow
And turn the cheek

[Verse 2: Ackdavis]
And learn to speak, as if my words are worth the pros I seek
When I eat Your words, I’m casting gems that they discern as “cheap”
You say the fire is the tester of my worth and heat
I believe You’re able, so please keep me when the furnace peeks
Fervently, I preach to peasants tryna be kings
The bee stings in life, are always adding up to three things
One, without You we’re done
Two, this ain’t a me thing
Three, I need Your grace to come and swoop me under each wing

[Verse 3: JusThoughtZ]
You’re tryna teach me by using Justice to reach me
But still I’m tryna break the grasp of Heaven’s hold, You can’t keep me
Despite my broken promises to me, I still believe me
Hoping that the idol I’ve created isn’t being idle
I hate the fact You make Yourself known
Your grace proceeds me
But I refuse to read the truth of that within the Bible
“Apathetic” towards the Truth, whats it amounting to?
Constantly denouncing You
Like I won’t be accountable

[Verse 4: Ackdavis]
Their love is counterfeit
You’re genuine in all of Your attempts
You give us lots of discipline with Love to balance it
Your holiness is an enigma I can’t figure out
Men, allowed to choose, but still You choose to watch us live them out
And later judge us for our actions and our preferences
Not preferring Your suggested pathway to Your blessed bliss
Paradise, forsaking woe
A pair of dice gangsta’s throw
And close they eyes, wishing they could make it
But can’t take the blow

[Verse 5: JusThoughtZ]
But still I claim to know relentless love
But fake repentance, getting visions of my waywardness
Crushing Your blood
Taking your patience as a waiver to get what I want
Because I can’t/won’t see the faithfulness within Your Son
Facing my frustrations while needing a Savior
Want to be good so bad, that my bad is good
That’s the nature of our sin, raised to chase and covet men
Lover’s of our nothingness
I was born with nothing
And been nothing since…

[Verse 6: Ackdavis]
The Holy Spirit put up under tents
Of human flesh, and bound by time
But time is dwindling to nothingness
So this means that what I’m “wanting” has been nothing since
I was nothing, in an atmosphere where really nothing sticks
And nothing stays the same
Newness? It runs from it
Old is just a shadow of what used to be, it’s coming quick
I know nothing is lit inside this dark world of punishment
Tryna use our money to persuade you
You don’t want a cent…

[Verse 7: JusThoughtZ]
And since there’s nothing good I have to offer that is of me
I must accept the fact that all my vain and glory’s ugly
Pain and agony only exist as agents to nudge me
Towards the Maker of my soul who grabs the Sword of Truth to thrust me
To pierce a heart of stone that turns to flesh
To turn to You is to return from death
To yearn for Heaven, is to learn the steps into the Kingdom
Carrying our Crosses, Watching the Beautiful Feet of the One
Who brings them

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