Rivers & Robots – The Bridegroom

Genre: Acoustic, Indie, Worship

Originally starting as a solo project by Jonathan Ogden (also the creator of Typographicverses.com), Rivers & Robots are now a four-piece indie worship band based in Manchester, UK. Sounding like Bon Iver and Bombay Bicycle Club joined forces to make a worship song, this track is written from the perspective of Jesus (the Bridegroom) singing to his church (the Bride), on the day they meet face to face. The lyrics on this are so beautifully written and the musicianship so close to perfect, that it is hard not to feel Christ’s love flow out of this piece of music.

“Until the day breaks and shadows flee
Turn my beloved, and come to me
I’ve made a place for you

I have come to the garden
To find you here
So let me see your face
Let me hear your voice
For your voice is sweet to me

Do you know that
You have ravished my heart?
Do you know that
You have ravished my heart?
Yes, you have ravished my heart
With one glance of your eye

Now, the winter has passed
The rain has been and gone
I come over the hills to say
‘come away with me my dear, away,
come away’

We will be, we will be, we will be together
We will be, we will be, we will be forever

Would you lift up your eyes to see
I am calling you now, to me
I have so much more to tell you

All that you really believe inside
What you see when you close your eyes
I have so much more to show you”

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