IVW (Isla Vista Worship) – Move

Genre: Worship, Pop, Electronica, Indie

Forming the worship band for Isla Vista Church, IVW strive to produce worship that comes not from church culture or secular culture but from the Creator Himself. Besides a solo release from singer Mac Montgomery and a live album, this track ‘Move’ is the first single the team has released off their forthcoming debut album currently in the works. Taking elements of electronica and pop music amongst other genres, IVW have produced a real catchy anthem with ‘Move’, that only adds to the current trend of artists breaking free from the constraints of that all too familiar sound of contemporary worship music to help spread the gospel even further.

To hear more about IVW’s vision check out their promo video below.

Download Move for free from SoundCloud:

For more info on Isla Vista Worship visit:

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