Come Wind – Rend Your Heart

Genre: Prog Rock, Indie

Taken from their second release Grow My Roots,  this track is ‘Rend Your Heart’ by the four-piece heavy indie/rock band Come Wind. This loud and powerful track tells a story that echoes the parable of the prodigal son, in which the band creatively use musical composition to enhance the emotions of the narrative told – best demonstrated in the bridge that builds into the climax of the reunion between son and Father.


We grew together
Me and many brothers
From the second time that we were born
To our Father in heaven
Every note that was sung
Every breath in our lungs
We knew it came from him

Then we found some daughters
And they looked better than
What the author of our lives had penned
He wrote life and life abundant
I don’t know why you didn’t want it

I know that you had thought that it was better
I’ll never know until I try it
The life I came to give you, it was whole
I’ll never stop until I know that I filled this hole.

He’s slow to anger
And of great kindness
A slave can now be called a son
In the morning mercy’s new again
Never exhausting love


Your patient mother
How you gonna tell her that you’ve grown
You can’t hide it from her
She wants to be proud oh she wants to be proud
She wants to be proud oh she wants to be proud

Your patient Father
How you gonna stand before his throne
You can’t hide it from him
He wants to be proud oh he wants to be proud (X4)
He wants to be proud
He wants to be proud


Return and when I see you I’ll come running
Oh I don’t think I’m anything but a slave
Father will take you in
You’re still his son
The cup he gives you to drink will always fill you up

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