Jeff Schneeweis – Forever The Same

Genre: Worship, Electronica, Pop

Having never truly connected very well to modern worship music, when Jeff first started writing his own worship he knew that the style would be very important. However, it wasn’t until he let his love of 80s synth pop influence his music that his songs really reached their full potential. Taken from his ‘Closer EP’, Forever The Same is a song of God’s love and the Holy Spirit.

Carry us inside of Your hands
Wash away the sin in our hearts now
Make a new beginning in us
Change us from the inside out

(Pre Chorus)
Oh, heavy it is heavy

The thickness of Your spirit it is heavy
But Your burden is light
Yeah, Your burden is light

You alone are worthy God

I will glorify Your name
And Your love will never change
You forever are the same
You forever are the same

Build me up with power and love
Let water overflow in my cup now
I can smell the scent in the air
That is how i know You are near now

Photography by Qingguang Han

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