Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Little Light

Genre: Soul, Gospel, Blues, Rock
Joined by their love of classic gospel music and ‘the source behind’ it, Eagle Rock Gospel Singers (formed in 2010) exist to revive and keep the spirit of gospel alive. They then add to this a modern influence of indie rock, folk and blues to create a unique experience, rarely heard in modern church music. This track is from their latest release – a 3 track EP titled Burn Brightly.

All at once like a fire
All at once like a dream
All at once in a message that came down to me

I had searched, I was wantin’
Filled with grace was redeemed
Knew my shame was wiped away from me

Oh my Lord, I want to burn brightly
Have a fire needs to shine, shine, shine
Let me be bold, let me sing mighty
All from this little light of mine

All at once found my father
All at once knew supreme
All at once I was filled with fire so deep

Saw the light, felt the spirit
I was ready to scream
Knew my shame was wiped away from me

Give me your bad blues
My faith will not refuse
I am but a sinner, not a saint
But the good Lord rocks steady
Took me in, I was ready
Are you wanting to be born again?

I have witnessed.
I have pained
I have walked on the edges of sane
Fear my honesty
Fear His reign
Fear the Lord, He will come back again

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  1. Cool blog/reviews … I’m looking forward to making a release myself soon (facebook.com/totalsurrendermusic)

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