Hillsong Young & Free – Gracious Tempest (Live)

✞ Genre: Worship, Electronic (Downtempo)

✞ Earlier this month, Hillsong church released the first album for their newest and youngest group, aptly named Hillsong Young & Free. Opting for a more pop/dance strand of worship, these guys aim to reach a younger generation with their upbeat church music. Oddly though, a stand out track on the album is the downtempo ‘Gracious Tempest’, which lyrically brings to mind the hugely popular Hillsong United track ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)’.

✞ Lyrics:

Verse 1:
Your love towers over me
Gracious tempest endless sea
Your love is like a storm

Verse 2:
Endless tide of mercy reign
Let it flood in my heart again
Surround me like an ocean

Your love is crashing over me
It’s surging like a raging sea
Immerse me in the wonder of Your love
A downpour of unending grace
Consuming all my reckless ways
My sins submerged
Your love have saved my soul
Your love is like a storm

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✞ Photography by Fidi Wa
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  1. caitlinlawther said:

    Loved this! I actually bought the album after seeing them on the blog. Thanks! 🙂

  2. lizania said:

    Hillsong are my favorite band of praise and worship, they transported me right into the presence of God. Thank you very much and blessings for this post.

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