OceanSpeak – Jezebel

Genre: Rock, Indie,

Taken from their debut EP ‘Sea The Same’, this track is a brilliant piece of indie rock music from the band OceanSpeak.

Jealous of the stars
And I’m wondering how
They keep from falling

And oh
There one goes
Who would have known
That they could fall too

I’m a son
I’m a slave
I’m a son
I’m a slave
I’m a son
I’m a slave
And these captives
Should know their place

Oh you
You’ve been
You’ve been warned
‘Cos loving you
Is not okay

Oh and this
Is the way
That i will say
I’m leaving you baby”

But my feet gotta walk away

Hey Jezebel, I’ve had enough
Of all your bickering and love
‘Cos after all
I wanna know

Is this the way
That i will say goodbye
To you?

Have you a son?
And this is your family
Does that make them proud of me

And Father
Have you a gun?
And can your weary eyes see the man in me
And pull the trigger?
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