Liz Vice – Empty Me Out

Genre: Gospel, Singer-Songwriter, Rhythm & Blues, Pop.

Member of the Deeper Well Collective, Liz Vice released her first solo album earlier this week. Drawing on the influence of 60/70s gospel and R&B as well as a head nod or two to contemporary singers like Adele & Duffy, Liz Vice beautifully combines the old & the new on this record.

Empty me out / Fill me with You
Lord there is nothing / I can give to You
I lay down my life / Here at Your feet
You give me life / So completely

I died with You / Was buried with You
The moment I believed
I rose with You / Ascended with You
Into the Heavenlies
Lord, it’s not me / It’s You inside of me
Jesus, You are all / These eyes can see
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