Loud Harp – (121) Ascent & (121) I Lift My Eyes

Genre: Acoustic, Progressive Rock, Indie, Worship

Downtempo Indie Worship band Loud Harp are back after successfully crowdfunding their second album, titled ‘Asaph’. As the band themselves write, they now have a new focus with their music, “no longer songs from the bottom of the pit, these are the songs of a people ascending the hill of the Lord.” The familiar chilled, progressive acoustic sounds of these worshippers remains, but now perfected with extra subtleties in their compositions; with the centrepiece of the album being these two tracks that start as an instrumental that builds in to a meditative chant in the second song (121) I Lift My Eyes.

I lift my eyes to the hills
My help comes from You

You never sleep, you’re watching me
My constant help in trouble.

I set my eyes on
I fix my gaze on
I set my life on You

Loud Harp’s ‘Asaph’ will be released on the 8th, when it is available we will post a link
For more info on Loud Harp visit:

Photography by Shuji Moriwaki:
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