Genre: Indie, Pop, Worship, Electronica

Love the cheeky 80s vibe on this tune, it’s like Phil Collins meets worship music. These guys make great indie pop/worship music, be sure to check out their other stuff.

You have a sewn in our souls a longing deep inside To remind of a need only You can satisfy
I won’t waste another day
On trivial vices

Every breath is a chance
To sing of Your worth
Now I finally understand
The reason I’m on the earth
To receive and reflect the full image of our King We carry on Your name as our deepest of callings I won’t waste another day

On trivial vices
I give up my whole life to say Nothing else matters
Selfish motives haunted choices We cry out with broken voices Precious Jesus our great purpose You’re the center of existence

Photography by Fré Sonneveld:

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Genre: Worship, Experimental, Electronica, Garage

Eikon is the new London based electro-gospel music duo of Dave Hendra and
Dave Pilcher. The Daves met at St Mary’s Bryanston Sqaure, and joined
musical forces during their time studying theology together in 2012, fusing
their passion for electronic music and worshipping God. St Mary’s has been
giving them space to explore, which has now led to several alternative
worship nights trialling out Eikon’s different sounds.

Pilcher, previously a music graduate, and Hendra an arts graduate, began the
project with the aim of creating music to enable other electro-enthusiasts to
worship and engage with God. Furthermore, the focus was also to create
music that would not only appeal to other Christians, but also a secular
audience. Eikon’s sound is a mash-up of modern electronica, house music
and chilled-out ambient. The result is passionate and melancholic worship,
blended with some dance-floor-filler moments.

Pilcher, has had many electronic releases as ‘the Naïve Machine’, and brings
his wealth of production experience to Eikon as he composes, produces and
arranges the material. Hendra also composes for Eikon, writes the lyrics and
sings all the vocals. His interest in lyrical composition stems from his love of
poetry, which he started writing on the London underground to act as a
distraction from London’s rat-race living. However, Hendra also takes
inspiration from the Psalms and writings of historic theologians, identifying
with their attempts to engage with God through the ages. Hendra further
utilises his Nord Lead and sparse Telecaster harmonies to compliment
Pilcher’s warm analogue synths. In combination, all of this creates the unique
Eikon soundscape.

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Genre: Electronica, House, Synthpop, Psalms

“After springing on to the scene with a remix of Hillsong United’s Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) included on The White Album, HXLY KXSS (pronounced “holy kiss”) now releases his first original track featuring vocals from Emily Swingler. Influences from artists such as Bondax, Snakehips, Flume and Cosmo’s Midnight are clear on this upbeat but chilled house track, yet the song carves its own unique vibe through the lyrical content. The chorus of Only For You is heavily inspired from verses of Psalm 25 often including direct quotes while the rest of the lyrics tell a more personal side to the relationship spoken of throughout the song.”

Do You remember

When we met in ’98?

You took my hand

Held it tight and kept me safe

Hold me close, keep me near

Though I was lost I’m now right here

Oh my soul sings only for You

Teach me Your path, lead me in the truth

Remember not the sins of my youth

Now my soul sings only for You

Do you remember

When I turned my back on You?

I was hiding in the shadows

But Your light kept shining through

Hold me close, keep me near

Though I was lost I’m now right here

Oh my soul sings only for You

Teach me Your path, lead me in the truth

Remember not the sins of my youth

Now my soul sings only for You

Do You remember

When I came running back home?

Dirty rags washed clean

You’ve made me white as snow

Hold me close, keep me near

Though I was lost I’m now right here

Oh my soul sings

Oh my soul sings

Oh my soul sings

Oh my…

Oh my soul sings only for You

Teach me Your path, lead me in the truth

Remember not the sins of my youth

Now my soul sings only for You

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Seeker & Servant - Into Your Love, I Go - 3.5 Stars

Just over a year old, Seeker & Servant are mere babies to the worship music scene – a genre often dominated by huge corporate bands and singers – yet these three guys from Jackson, Mississippi are singing loud enough for many of us to notice. Recently undergoing a slight transformation in their sound due to the addition of Kody Gautier to the band earlier in 2013, this album seeks to combine their folk beginnings with electronic ambience.

Opening the album with a cover of ‘How Deep The Father’s Love For Us’ instantly brings to mind other contemporary worship groups, specifically ‘Pacific Gold’ (previously known as ‘Wayfarer’), though it doesn’t take long for Seeker & Servant to leave their own mark on this well known hymn. The arrangement works great, and the addition of a chorus/bridge – “I was a wretch/and then you saved me (repeat)/then you set me free” – helps to break up the repetitiveness of the track, however the slight change in melody & pace at the end of most lines feels uncomfortable, but perhaps that’s because they are altering a traditional tune.

It’s the next few tracks though that Seeker & Servant really start to come into their own, brilliantly showcasing their majestic sound on ‘Let Me Not’. Starting as a quiet, acoustic track with repeated meditative lyrics, this song plays like a powerful and intimate prayer. As the melody builds, the song is split up beautifully with a break down that ushers in a gentle whistle, repeated all through the building orchestral crescendo that climaxes with a short-lived but triumphant chant. Though the structure is much more progressive than the rest of the album, the band have stumbled on to a beautiful sound, less congregational and more responsive/personal worship, it’s a style of Christian music that rarely goes mainstream yet when done well we hear incredible pieces of music like Hillsong United’s ‘Oceans’ or (closer to Seeker & Servant’s sound) Bethel’s ‘Give Me Jesus’.

It’s clear throughout the album that Seeker & Servant have fully adopted this new ambient electronica sound, and this elegantly shines through on the instrumental interlude ‘Meditate (Psalm 1)’, although just as the synths begin to take over and the electronic orchestra starts to grow, it swiftly comes to an abrupt end all too soon gently hinting that there was something more to hear but never quite delivering it. This is somewhat of a theme throughout the album, that despite their sound being big and ambient it often stays in the background.

However, on the occasions where that awesome, powerful music is brought into the spotlight it shines brilliantly. Ironically, the only time the album fully delivers that ‘something more’ is at the climax of the last track ‘Into Your Love, I Go’. Lyrically the song speaks of entering God’s grace and being covered by love, and when the title line “Into the streams of your love, I go” meets the jubilant fanfare midway through the track, images of entering the Kingdom and meeting God face to face quickly come to mind. Ending with shouts of praise from not just the vocals but the instruments as well, the album finishes spectacularly.

Though the current worship scene is no stranger to electronic music (with many big names following the lead of indie artists) as Seeker & Servant join the pack they have managed to carve out their own path without stepping on any other artists’ toes. For such a young group, Seeker & Servant have produced a brilliant debut record, and although the album falls short occasionally, it still provides the listener with a unique worship experience.

Album Highlights: ‘Let Me Not’, ‘In Awe’, ‘Our Greatest Joy’, ‘Into Your Love, I Go

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Mississippi trio, Seeker & Servant, recently finished the recording process for their debut album, ‘Into Your Love, I Go’; and here at The Good Christian Music Blog we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting an exclusive stream of the album the week leading up to the record’s release date of January the 7th. For those of you with bad maths/calendar skills, that means that from the 31st of December you’ll be able to listen to ‘Into Your Love, I Go’ in it’s entirety! Also the guys from Seeker & Servant have kindly given us a couple CD’s plus a Vinyl to giveaway for free (but there’ll be more details about that nearer the release).

So far, Seeker & Servant have teased their fans with just one release, one remix and one acoustic video but since then the band have gone through a couple changes. This started with the addition of Kody Gautier, which then lead to an evolution in the band’s sound that sees them embracing electronic music production whilst building on their foundation of folk acoustic-pop. Whilst we wait to hear the end result, Seeker & Servant have left us with a short ‘making of’ documentary that explains their intention with the record whilst also teasing us with a few clips from the album.

Until the exclusive album stream on New Year’s Eve rolls around, you can pre-order the record from Seeker & Servant’s store:

✞ Genre: Worship, Electronic (Downtempo)

✞ Earlier this month, Hillsong church released the first album for their newest and youngest group, aptly named Hillsong Young & Free. Opting for a more pop/dance strand of worship, these guys aim to reach a younger generation with their upbeat church music. Oddly though, a stand out track on the album is the downtempo ‘Gracious Tempest’, which lyrically brings to mind the hugely popular Hillsong United track ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)’.

✞ Lyrics:

Verse 1:
Your love towers over me
Gracious tempest endless sea
Your love is like a storm

Verse 2:
Endless tide of mercy reign
Let it flood in my heart again
Surround me like an ocean

Your love is crashing over me
It’s surging like a raging sea
Immerse me in the wonder of Your love
A downpour of unending grace
Consuming all my reckless ways
My sins submerged
Your love have saved my soul
Your love is like a storm

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✞ Photography by Fidi Wa
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JGivens El v. Envy Album Cover. 4.5 Star ReviewStraight out of Sin City (that’s Las Vegas for those not in the know), filling speakers with his grace-laced blend of electronic-infused hip-hop comes the brilliant emcee JGivens with his latest album El v. Envy. A double play-on-words, the title of the album itself is a reference to Las Vegas, Nevada (the acronym of which is LV, NV) and also El being one of God’s names revealed in the Old Testament and Envy representing the enemy.

The first thing that struck me with this record is the electronica-influenced, west-coast style beats, tracks like Sin City Bre(a)d, The Bus Stop Song, The Pledge: “They Say” and _ _ _ End. It’s so common in Christian Hip-Hop to see beats that are copies of popular hits from yesteryear and that’s where so many artists fail – if what you’re doing isn’t new in the studio it definitely won’t be new by the time it reaches peoples’ speakers! However, on El v. Envy, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear beats that are new, and using a style that I don’t (yet) hear in mainstream music.

It’s not just those massively-layered tracks that shine bright though, the other side of this record shows a much more mellow laid-back style hip-hop. Beats that usher in a memory or two of some of the classic G-Funk era tunes. Though on this record, it’s even more stripped back, leaning mostly on just bass and drums with the occasional extra instrument making an appearance. A key example of this is, is the track Can’t Say – a testimonial piece where JGivens shares stories of his time with our Christian brothers & sisters in Egypt and how they face persecution on a day to day basis. Other tracks in a simliar vein are Bienvenue and Stop Requested, though there are clearly still many G-Funk influences littered throughout the album.

Compared to his previous releases it’s not just the music that’s stepped up a notch but his bars as well. Some of the rhymes on this record are so intricately woven that it takes multiple listens to fully appreciate and hear the full message. His flow has always been great across all his past releases, but after this album I’d even go so far as to say that he’s one of the most natural rappers currently in CHH. He covers some pretty deep issues on this record too – a personal favourite is his verse on Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope. where he confronts relative truth:

It may sound stupid but the truth is if I told you that truth / was an absolute and you said / “Dude, no it isn’t / ‘cos what’s true for you ain’t true for me because we’re different” /  Then it’s tangible to see that that rebuttal’s a contradiction / Stating there’s no absolute truth is an absolute / so your own argument only disproves you!

The only issue, if any with this record is that when JGivens is rapping over a trippy, synth lead beat and getting so deep into his message through complex lyricism it can sometimes create a competition between vocals and instrumental, with both demanded your full focus. EIther way, it’s not a huge problem, and by no means would I want the beats or lyrics to change, plus there are parts where the vocals and instrumentation meet perfectly despite said issue. Some great examples of which are perhaps Sin City Bre(a)d and and Stay Cool, and at it’s best it sounds like the chorus to The Bus Stop Song.

This is the kind of record that’s so fresh it appeals to music fans regardless of their faith. When an album sounds this unique it’s not hard passing it on to non-believing friends (despite the gospel centred lyrics) because JGivens isn’t just a Christian version of a rapper they already listen to, he’s himself – and more importantly his style is his own as well. Hopefully, they’ll come for the music, and stay for the message.

It’s been roughly three months since this album dropped so this isn’t exactly new but it’s given me time to fully appreciate it. Though by now that ‘new album’ shine has faded, what remains is a strong, intellectual, soulful, well-produced record, and in my honest opinion one of the best CHH releases of the year.

Album Highlights: Sin City Bre(a)d, The Bus Stop Song, Can’t Say, Friends

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Genre: Worship, Electronica, Pop

Having never truly connected very well to modern worship music, when Jeff first started writing his own worship he knew that the style would be very important. However, it wasn’t until he let his love of 80s synth pop influence his music that his songs really reached their full potential. Taken from his ‘Closer EP’, Forever The Same is a song of God’s love and the Holy Spirit.

Carry us inside of Your hands
Wash away the sin in our hearts now
Make a new beginning in us
Change us from the inside out

(Pre Chorus)
Oh, heavy it is heavy

The thickness of Your spirit it is heavy
But Your burden is light
Yeah, Your burden is light

You alone are worthy God

I will glorify Your name
And Your love will never change
You forever are the same
You forever are the same

Build me up with power and love
Let water overflow in my cup now
I can smell the scent in the air
That is how i know You are near now

Photography by Qingguang Han

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Genre: Worship, Pop, Electronica, Indie

Forming the worship band for Isla Vista Church, IVW strive to produce worship that comes not from church culture or secular culture but from the Creator Himself. Besides a solo release from singer Mac Montgomery and a live album, this track ‘Move’ is the first single the team has released off their forthcoming debut album currently in the works. Taking elements of electronica and pop music amongst other genres, IVW have produced a real catchy anthem with ‘Move’, that only adds to the current trend of artists breaking free from the constraints of that all too familiar sound of contemporary worship music to help spread the gospel even further.

To hear more about IVW’s vision check out their promo video below.

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Dear Listener,

I hope that this mixtape exposes you to some new music – that you may discover musicians and bands you perhaps had not previously heard. If so, I encourage you to look up the artists’ other music – use this mixtape as a springboard for hearing more music.

I also hope that this mixtape shows you just how diverse Christian music is – just like the body of Christ which has created it. If there are genres on here that you wouldn’t usually listen to, don’t just skip past them, try hearing something new! I believe that each genre serves different purposes, thereby meaning that no one genre is necessarily better than another, but each has their own perks.

My prayer is that as you enjoy the music you would pass it to friends, family, colleagues, fellow church goers etc. Please pass it on, these artists work hard and their music deserves to be heard, enjoyed and supported by more Christians.

However, having said that, this music also needs to be shared with people who don’t know Christ. It’s got a great message and the world needs to hear it, so don’t be afraid to play it loud, and share it with those people you’d rather hide it from.

Also a massive thank you to all the artists that agreed to have their music given away for absolutely no cost. Please could you, as a listener, thank them with a purchase, a tweet, a like etc. and let them know it’s appreciated by you fans!

Finally, this is a SUMMER mixtape – this will be the soundtrack to my summer and I hope it becomes yours also. Thanks for listening, downloading, and supporting the blog and the artists involved.

In Christ,
Stephen Bradley,