Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, Blues

On this track ‘Making Me More’ taken from his latest album Minorville, Derek Minor is joined by the brilliantly talented blues musician Mel Washington. By combining forces and genres, the two artists together have created a stompingly superb hip-hop anthem sure to grab the attention of many music lovers. Following the theme of the album, Derek Minor uses this track to be true to his fans and to show that at the end of the day he’s just another human with problems, hoping that Jesus is making him more. A well needed track for Christian Hip-Hop, where so often artists are put on pedestals by fans despite their honesty and humility in their music.

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Remix

Originally a solo Eons D track, the Louisville rapper writes that “this song was inspired by Romans 8:24-25. Psalm 37:7-9, Psalm 46:10, Psalm 40:1”. On this remix a number of other rappers (Deraj, JusThoughtZ, Jerrell Johnson and rapper/producer Knaladeus (listed in appearance order)) grab the mic to add their experience’s of being still and waiting on the Lord.

This track is produced by Knaladeus, mixed/mastered by Israel Musiq and features piano from Alvin Trotman.

Photography by Danielle Hunt

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

After various solo releases from each party, Wes Pendleton & Tragic Hero joined forces earlier this year to release the mighty 7 track EP ‘The Resistance’. As the title suggests, Tragic Hero isn’t afraid to bring up social/political issues, however on the track ‘In My Arms’ he takes it a little easier, sticking to a story of a relationship struggling with various personal issues. With Tragic Hero’s smooth, carefully crafted lyrics combined with Wes Pendleton’s dreamlike beats, it’s the perfect recipe for a chilled track.

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Dear Listener,

I hope that this mixtape exposes you to some new music – that you may discover musicians and bands you perhaps had not previously heard. If so, I encourage you to look up the artists’ other music – use this mixtape as a springboard for hearing more music.

I also hope that this mixtape shows you just how diverse Christian music is – just like the body of Christ which has created it. If there are genres on here that you wouldn’t usually listen to, don’t just skip past them, try hearing something new! I believe that each genre serves different purposes, thereby meaning that no one genre is necessarily better than another, but each has their own perks.

My prayer is that as you enjoy the music you would pass it to friends, family, colleagues, fellow church goers etc. Please pass it on, these artists work hard and their music deserves to be heard, enjoyed and supported by more Christians.

However, having said that, this music also needs to be shared with people who don’t know Christ. It’s got a great message and the world needs to hear it, so don’t be afraid to play it loud, and share it with those people you’d rather hide it from.

Also a massive thank you to all the artists that agreed to have their music given away for absolutely no cost. Please could you, as a listener, thank them with a purchase, a tweet, a like etc. and let them know it’s appreciated by you fans!

Finally, this is a SUMMER mixtape – this will be the soundtrack to my summer and I hope it becomes yours also. Thanks for listening, downloading, and supporting the blog and the artists involved.

In Christ,
Stephen Bradley,

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop

Hot on the heels of his latest album ‘The Loner’, SPZRKT (pronounced Spazzy Rocket) joins fellow SCMGWP (Social Club Misfit Gang Wolf Pack) member and producer, Tyshane, to release the single ‘Best Of Your love’. On this track, Spazzy uses his smooth vocals to sing of God’s grace and love over this sweet summer beat. This tune is only further proof that SPZRKT is one of the most exciting guys in CHH right now, constantly pushing his style forward and driving his creativity further.

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

AckDavis, usually known as Samuel Harris, has been rapping since the day Christian rapper HanSoul literally walked up to him on the streets of Philadelphia and told him he should rap. After committing his life to Jesus at the end of high school, AckDavis then went on to Bible College where his knowledge of the Word grew. Since then he has been ministering on the streets and recording music that shares his experiences and understanding of Christ. On this track – taken from his latest offering “Downtime II” – he is joined by Atlanta based emcee JusThoughtZ, for an honest sharing of thoughts, struggles and hopes all addressed directly to Christ.


[Verse 1: JusThoughtZ]
Tryna run from manhood and my reality
Blaming my calamity on all of those surrounding me
I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done that hurts people
Useless humanism
Using human wisdom hurts people!
Despise being debased, but won’t desert evil
Roaming in a wilderness of lies, tryna discern deceit
Profess to know The Way, but can’t seem to turn and seek
The Feet that trekked this Narrow Path
I take Your blow
And turn the cheek

[Verse 2: Ackdavis]
And learn to speak, as if my words are worth the pros I seek
When I eat Your words, I’m casting gems that they discern as “cheap”
You say the fire is the tester of my worth and heat
I believe You’re able, so please keep me when the furnace peeks
Fervently, I preach to peasants tryna be kings
The bee stings in life, are always adding up to three things
One, without You we’re done
Two, this ain’t a me thing
Three, I need Your grace to come and swoop me under each wing

[Verse 3: JusThoughtZ]
You’re tryna teach me by using Justice to reach me
But still I’m tryna break the grasp of Heaven’s hold, You can’t keep me
Despite my broken promises to me, I still believe me
Hoping that the idol I’ve created isn’t being idle
I hate the fact You make Yourself known
Your grace proceeds me
But I refuse to read the truth of that within the Bible
“Apathetic” towards the Truth, whats it amounting to?
Constantly denouncing You
Like I won’t be accountable

[Verse 4: Ackdavis]
Their love is counterfeit
You’re genuine in all of Your attempts
You give us lots of discipline with Love to balance it
Your holiness is an enigma I can’t figure out
Men, allowed to choose, but still You choose to watch us live them out
And later judge us for our actions and our preferences
Not preferring Your suggested pathway to Your blessed bliss
Paradise, forsaking woe
A pair of dice gangsta’s throw
And close they eyes, wishing they could make it
But can’t take the blow

[Verse 5: JusThoughtZ]
But still I claim to know relentless love
But fake repentance, getting visions of my waywardness
Crushing Your blood
Taking your patience as a waiver to get what I want
Because I can’t/won’t see the faithfulness within Your Son
Facing my frustrations while needing a Savior
Want to be good so bad, that my bad is good
That’s the nature of our sin, raised to chase and covet men
Lover’s of our nothingness
I was born with nothing
And been nothing since…

[Verse 6: Ackdavis]
The Holy Spirit put up under tents
Of human flesh, and bound by time
But time is dwindling to nothingness
So this means that what I’m “wanting” has been nothing since
I was nothing, in an atmosphere where really nothing sticks
And nothing stays the same
Newness? It runs from it
Old is just a shadow of what used to be, it’s coming quick
I know nothing is lit inside this dark world of punishment
Tryna use our money to persuade you
You don’t want a cent…

[Verse 7: JusThoughtZ]
And since there’s nothing good I have to offer that is of me
I must accept the fact that all my vain and glory’s ugly
Pain and agony only exist as agents to nudge me
Towards the Maker of my soul who grabs the Sword of Truth to thrust me
To pierce a heart of stone that turns to flesh
To turn to You is to return from death
To yearn for Heaven, is to learn the steps into the Kingdom
Carrying our Crosses, Watching the Beautiful Feet of the One
Who brings them

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Jazz-Hop,

Signed to the Illect Recordings label, Imperial is a producer from the U.K. heavily influenced by the golden era of hip-hop. In his own bio, he speaks about being introduced to Hip-Hop by the old-school style group Jurassic 5, and it’s clear from a track like this that those beats inspire him in his own production. Apparently there’s currently a full length instrumental album in the works from Imperial, but until then I recommend heading over to the Illect Recordings bandcamp and listen to his other releases.

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Dubstep

Yesterday one of the biggest Christian Hip-Hop albums of this year dropped – none other than Andy Mineo’s ‘Heroes For Sale’ released under Reach Records – storming its way on to the iTunes album charts. Listening through the album it was this track that stood out the most. The bass line and dubstep elements just make this such an awesome track – this really is the kind of music that should be played on the radio, and hopefully could well be thanks to the success that Andy and Reach Records have seen from this.

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Passion and Purity is taken from the second album of the Nigeria born and London raised rapper S.O. (Seun Otukpe). On this song S.O. tackles the topic of sexual purity by sharing parts of his own story and how he now understands it to be. This is a very real issue for many Christians and often not discussed as much as it should be and so it’s encouraging hearing such honesty on this track. S.O. is a great example of a servant serving his Master through the talents given to him, and it’s clear from the album ‘So It Continues’ that his love for Christ is far greater than his love for music.

Another great song off the album, but much more upbeat, is the collaboration with Lecrae on the track ‘Radical’. Check out the music video below.

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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

“I write strictly for Christ, for humanity, and for the love of the art; I do not emcee with the intent to gain respect, money, or fame. Rather, I seek to share with my listeners the love of Christ through music…”

California based rapper, NAK raps with such precision and passion that its easy to understand how he has built up such a large following for himself on the internet. As you can see from his own description he lives for Christ and Christ alone and so on that note it gives me great pleasure to present to you such a humble rapper.

On this track NAK is backed by beats from the producer Wy-I.

Photo kindly provided by Saskia Goy.

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