Genre: Gospel, Singer-Songwriter, Rhythm & Blues, Pop.

Member of the Deeper Well Collective, Liz Vice released her first solo album earlier this week. Drawing on the influence of 60/70s gospel and R&B as well as a head nod or two to contemporary singers like Adele & Duffy, Liz Vice beautifully combines the old & the new on this record.

Empty me out / Fill me with You
Lord there is nothing / I can give to You
I lay down my life / Here at Your feet
You give me life / So completely

I died with You / Was buried with You
The moment I believed
I rose with You / Ascended with You
Into the Heavenlies
Lord, it’s not me / It’s You inside of me
Jesus, You are all / These eyes can see
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Mississippi trio, Seeker & Servant, recently finished the recording process for their debut album, ‘Into Your Love, I Go’; and here at The Good Christian Music Blog we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting an exclusive stream of the album the week leading up to the record’s release date of January the 7th. For those of you with bad maths/calendar skills, that means that from the 31st of December you’ll be able to listen to ‘Into Your Love, I Go’ in it’s entirety! Also the guys from Seeker & Servant have kindly given us a couple CD’s plus a Vinyl to giveaway for free (but there’ll be more details about that nearer the release).

So far, Seeker & Servant have teased their fans with just one release, one remix and one acoustic video but since then the band have gone through a couple changes. This started with the addition of Kody Gautier, which then lead to an evolution in the band’s sound that sees them embracing electronic music production whilst building on their foundation of folk acoustic-pop. Whilst we wait to hear the end result, Seeker & Servant have left us with a short ‘making of’ documentary that explains their intention with the record whilst also teasing us with a few clips from the album.

Until the exclusive album stream on New Year’s Eve rolls around, you can pre-order the record from Seeker & Servant’s store:

Genre: Worship, Electronica, Pop

Having never truly connected very well to modern worship music, when Jeff first started writing his own worship he knew that the style would be very important. However, it wasn’t until he let his love of 80s synth pop influence his music that his songs really reached their full potential. Taken from his ‘Closer EP’, Forever The Same is a song of God’s love and the Holy Spirit.

Carry us inside of Your hands
Wash away the sin in our hearts now
Make a new beginning in us
Change us from the inside out

(Pre Chorus)
Oh, heavy it is heavy

The thickness of Your spirit it is heavy
But Your burden is light
Yeah, Your burden is light

You alone are worthy God

I will glorify Your name
And Your love will never change
You forever are the same
You forever are the same

Build me up with power and love
Let water overflow in my cup now
I can smell the scent in the air
That is how i know You are near now

Photography by Qingguang Han

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Genre: Worship, Pop, Electronica, Indie

Forming the worship band for Isla Vista Church, IVW strive to produce worship that comes not from church culture or secular culture but from the Creator Himself. Besides a solo release from singer Mac Montgomery and a live album, this track ‘Move’ is the first single the team has released off their forthcoming debut album currently in the works. Taking elements of electronica and pop music amongst other genres, IVW have produced a real catchy anthem with ‘Move’, that only adds to the current trend of artists breaking free from the constraints of that all too familiar sound of contemporary worship music to help spread the gospel even further.

To hear more about IVW’s vision check out their promo video below.

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Dear Listener,

I hope that this mixtape exposes you to some new music – that you may discover musicians and bands you perhaps had not previously heard. If so, I encourage you to look up the artists’ other music – use this mixtape as a springboard for hearing more music.

I also hope that this mixtape shows you just how diverse Christian music is – just like the body of Christ which has created it. If there are genres on here that you wouldn’t usually listen to, don’t just skip past them, try hearing something new! I believe that each genre serves different purposes, thereby meaning that no one genre is necessarily better than another, but each has their own perks.

My prayer is that as you enjoy the music you would pass it to friends, family, colleagues, fellow church goers etc. Please pass it on, these artists work hard and their music deserves to be heard, enjoyed and supported by more Christians.

However, having said that, this music also needs to be shared with people who don’t know Christ. It’s got a great message and the world needs to hear it, so don’t be afraid to play it loud, and share it with those people you’d rather hide it from.

Also a massive thank you to all the artists that agreed to have their music given away for absolutely no cost. Please could you, as a listener, thank them with a purchase, a tweet, a like etc. and let them know it’s appreciated by you fans!

Finally, this is a SUMMER mixtape – this will be the soundtrack to my summer and I hope it becomes yours also. Thanks for listening, downloading, and supporting the blog and the artists involved.

In Christ,
Stephen Bradley,

Genre: 80s Power Ballad, Pop, Worship

It seems like 80s is all the rage these days, so here’s another rare track from the past, this time taken from Bash -N- The Code’s self titled debut album (released in 1986). Driven by the husband and wife duo of Greg & Rebecca Sparks, Bash -N- The Code aimed to spread the gospel to youth of the 80s through popular music of the time. Though it may be slightly cheesy (but what 80s pop isn’t?) Bash -N- The Code added some originality to the Christian music scene and it was backed by good biblical lyrics. If you like this, I recommend listening to the rest of the album (especially their version of I Exalt Thee – retitled ‘We Exalt You’).

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Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop

Hot on the heels of his latest album ‘The Loner’, SPZRKT (pronounced Spazzy Rocket) joins fellow SCMGWP (Social Club Misfit Gang Wolf Pack) member and producer, Tyshane, to release the single ‘Best Of Your love’. On this track, Spazzy uses his smooth vocals to sing of God’s grace and love over this sweet summer beat. This tune is only further proof that SPZRKT is one of the most exciting guys in CHH right now, constantly pushing his style forward and driving his creativity further.

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Ghost Ship - The Good King Album Cover - 4.5 Star Rating
It’s no great secret that I have a soft spot for Mars Hill Music, so naturally I was rather excited when Ghost Ship announced that they would be releasing their first full length album, titled ‘The Good King’. Different in sound to the many other Mars Hill bands, Ghost Ship bring their own blend of alternative rock to the mix. However, at times it seems that they are still somewhat unsure of where they want to be musically placed, leading to a slightly disjointed first listening experience.

The album kicks off with the pop infused track ‘Mediator’, written as a sequel to their song ‘One God’ (From their EP, A River With No End). As we’ve come to expect from Mars Hill, the theology in the song is spot on, diving in to deep biblical truths so often missed in a lot of popular romanticist worship music of today and to call it catchy just doesn’t quite do it justice.

It’s after this opening track though where I feel that Ghost Ship really come in to their own, leaping from one huge song to the next. This starts with ‘Orion’ which musically wouldn’t feel out of place on a Kings of Leon album. Lyrically, this song also sets the tone for the majority of the album by questioning pain, suffering and doubt but ultimately knowing that God has answered our call and holds us close throughout. It’s this attitude of worshipping through the trials shown in the lyrics of this album that makes it a real challenge and encouragement to the church, and it’s a welcome change to worship music in my opinion.

Moving on to the third track and another personal favourite is the epic rock song ‘Lion Man’ which a friend rightly pointed out sounds ironically like Black Sabbath. This focuses on the power of God, and how when Jesus walked among us “He could have killed us where we stood” yet in humility and out of love He instead came to serve us and bear the wrath that we deserved. Epic indeed!

It seems that the frontman Cam Huxton’s talents in songwriting lie in theologically rich depictions of what it actually means to live a worshipful life rather than just singing worshipfully. If the overall album feels like the band wrestling to discover their true sound, it seems that they are most comfortable in the less orthodox worship songs like ‘Son Of David’, ‘Orion’, ‘Lamb Of God’ and the most beautiful ‘Where Were You’.

In fact it seems rather fitting to use the word unorthodox when describing Ghost Ship – it’s on the more experimental tracks where they seem to find their true style. For example the booming organs at the end of their rendition of the hymn ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ would be completely out of place with any other worship band, yet seems perfectly natural on this album. This then leads to the indie-pop songs like ‘The Gospel’, ‘Mediator’ and the cover of ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’ (though as great as they are) seem slightly unnatural to Ghost Ship’s style, and sounds more like the type of worship I would expect to hear from another Mars Hill band such as The Sing Team.

It took multiple listens for me to fully appreciate the excellent offering that Ghost Ship deliver with ‘The Good King’, but even now that I’m there I still feel that the best is yet to come from this relatively young worship band. Despite saying that though this is still a brilliant debut, and though ‘The Good King’ may be a slow grower, I truly believe that over the next few months it will gradually emerge as one of the most exciting worship releases of this year.

Album Highlights: Orion, Lion Man, Son Of David, Where Were You

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Genre: Worship, Singer/Songwriter, Pop-Rock,

Singing and writing worship music since he was a teenager, Will Retherford takes on worship music slightly different to most artists. It’s clear on this 2011 release of his that he has spent years developing his own style and it’s that uniqueness that makes this song sound so fresh. There’s a hint of pop, a little bit of rock, and a lot of good songwriting. On this track, Will is also joined by Lisa Gungor who provides backing vocals for this upbeat worship song.

(Verse 1)
Be wise in the heart, blameless from the start, build your house on the rock not the sand
Walk upright with the fear of the one who brings life to the dead and dry.

When I fail your grace is always there for me
When I fail your mercy is surrounding me

(Verse 2)
Bring words to the soul like a sweet honeycomb that brings healing to the bones
Comes pride before a fall in my weakness you are strong you fulfill my emptiness

(Chorus 2)
When I fail your grace is always there for me
When I fail your mercy is surrounding me

Fill our hearts with Joy
Fill our hearts with Hope
Fill our hearts with Love
Fill our hearts

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Genre: Synth-Pop, Electronica, Worship, Hymn

On this track, singer/songwriter Josh White (under the name Pilgrim) clashes synth pop/electronica with the gospel. Not the most popular of combinations in the Christian music scene, but it works, and it works surprisingly well! Drawing on elements from other sub genres such as glam rock and even trip hop, Josh White has yet again brought something fresh to the offering and all it makes me want to do is dance and praise the Lord. The lyrics to this track were written by Fanny Crosby in 1915 and was originally published as ‘All Will Be Well’.


Only Your presence, O Savior divine,
Only Your Spirit to merge with mine;
Only Your image of love on my breast,
Seal of forgiveness, assurance of rest.

Only Your presence to lead me aright,
Out of the darkness and into the light;
Only a whisper to tell You are near,
Only Your sunshine to banish my fear.

Only Your presence when trials I bear,
Lifting so gently my burden of care;
Only Your presence to show me the way,
Home to the garden of the infinite day.

Only Your presence when wild is the gale,
Only Your presence when joy is my sail;
Only Your presence my vessel to guide
Into the harbor and over the tide.

Even tho’ the billows like mountains may swell;
All will be well; all will be well;
Under Your shadow in peace I shall dwell;
All, all will be well.

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