Here at The Good Christian Music Blog we love to hear from musicians, photographers and music fans, see below to see how you can contribute:

For all emails send them to but please follow the instructions below to submit your work in the correct way.

We ONLY feature songs, very rarely do we do full album reviews and when we do they are usually chosen by us. We DO NOT feature lone news items however we are happy to post news so long as we have music to post with it. For example we will cover an album release if we can feature a song form the album on our YouTube channel. The same goes with Kickstarter campaigns etc.

SUBJECT LINE: Provide the artist name followed by the genre in brackets, and if necessary the associated news in square brackets.

EG. Rivers & Robots (Indie, Worship, Folk) [New Album]

ATTACHING YOUR MUSIC: Please provide a link by which we can stream your music, preferably SoundCloud or BandCamp or something similar, please avoid using Spotify. DO NOT attach your music to the email, our inbox has limited space.

ALWAYS provide us with a free download link to your music (eg. Noisetrade), websites like Dropbox also work well for if you want it to be private, please don’t make us buy your music from digital outlets, if you want it featured giving away a press copy is small price to pay to reach a large audience! And please no .Wav files, a high quality .mp3 will suffice!

Finally just be friendly! Don’t demand that your music be shared, and don’t expect that filling your email with compliments means you’re more likely to be featured, and if we don’t respond that’s quite normal, so don’t keep spamming us! I run this website whilst studying at University, amongst a whole host of other things and I simply don’t have the time to respond to all the emails I get, so if I don’t reply I apologise but I can assure you that your music will be heard!

If you are a photographer and would like to submit your work to be used on our videos then send us an email with PHOTOGRAPHY as the subject line, and a link to where we can view your photos and downloads them to use on our blog. Please do not attach your photos to the email.

Music Fans
If you are a fan and want to suggest your favourite artists that we may not have featured then send an email with SUGGESTIONS as the subject line and include links to YouTube or SoundCloud in the email along with the band info. Also we get many suggestions for artists we have already featured multiple times so please check through the blog to see if we are already aware of the band you are pointing us to!




Again just send us an email –

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