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Genre: Worship, Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter, Classical,

Following on from the last upload, here is another song from a member of The Door Of Hope Church, this time it’s ‘Healer’ by Holly Ann. With just a piano to accompany her, Holly Ann delivers a powerful yet intimate performance on this hauntingly beautiful worship track.

At my worst
yet You are always by my side
And still my doubts
they get the best of me

Consuming fire
It seems I am cold as ice
Come lift me higher
I long to follow You

Heal me
Comfort me
in these storms that I create
When I turn away
would You follow me?
Seems I’m always walking away
but its always, always Your grace
that leads me back home

Protect me, oh Lion
Comfort me, oh Lamb
I need You, I’m crying out
Lift me up on eagles wings

You are my home

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