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Genre: Pop, Electronica, Indie, Worship

Like something straight out of the 80’s (or the 2011 film Drive), you can’t help but be drawn in by the catchy synths on this killer track. Similar in sound to Passion Pit, or M83, this whole EP is just a beautiful contribution to worship music, and a great way to show that worshipping God isn’t constrained to just one genre of music! As Jeff writes on his blog, he writes this EP from a place of pure celebration in being God’s son.

“I hope[…] they hear something new and fresh, and find a new way to connect with God. But most importantly, they hear and feel the celebration of God!”

With this being his aim, I think it’s safe to say that his goal was met on this EP, and I truly hope that this is just the start of Jeff’s solo music work.

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