“He who has ears, let him hear.” Matthew 11:15

God gave us ears for listening, ears for hearing His good Word and ears for hearing His good music.

It’s because of this that I am dedicated to highlighting great Christian music of all genres. Hip-Hop, Rock, Indie, Pop, Electronica, Instrumental, R&B, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass and maybe, even some Dubstep. Hopefully I’ll be able to share lots more genres that we haven’t even listed.

This blog grew out of a mixture of passion and frustration.

The passion for good music, music from artists who love what they do, who are original, unique, who do things differently, and who do it because they love God and recognise the talents that He gave them. The desire to hear something that hasn’t been done time and time again and the longing to hear Christ centered music for all moods and tastes. The passion for more Christians to recognise that a taste in certain genres of music does not mean that they have to compromise with their values. The music we listen to has a deep impact on us, more than we even realise, which is why it is important to hear music from other brothers and sisters of Christ; we don’t necessarily have to surround ourselves with it, but it helps to hear more of it.

But there is also the frustration of how hard it is to find Christian music that isn’t just the same thing we hear in church each week, or the fact that ‘Religious’ is now a genre itself, or even the need to hear some hard hitting, challenging and, at times, controversial Christian music. If Gods Word challenges us, why shouldn’t His music do the same? Playing and sharing music which we have featured on here is also a great way to share the gospel with friends, family and colleagues, and it’s a great way for ourselves to be reminded that we should share it.

So please, share this with your friends and share The Good News as I share The Good Music.

Who runs the blog?

The blog is ran solely by myself, but without the support and input of family, friends and followers none of this would be possible. I’m currently 23 years old, studying Cinema & Photography at the University of Leeds (in the U.K.). I grew up in a Christian home, but moved away from faith during my late teens and it was a slow journey finding Jesus for myself. Besides Delirious?, I was never into Christian music until I came to Christ at the age of 21 and now God’s given me the joy of running a website devoted to it!

In Christ,
Stephen Bradley

If you have any music you would like us to feature, or would like to contact myself, please email thegoodchristianmusicblog@gmail.com


  1. I just want to say that I love your mission. This blog is definitely on my radar – keep it up. Thanks for all the great music shares.

  2. joe said:

    This is a fantastic blog, thank you for it…beautiful choices of music to highlight. My ears are grateful 🙂

  3. Cameron said:

    Introduced via CMB Podcast. Like what you’re doing. God richly bless you

  4. Cameron said:

    By the way – took your advice – now following you on Twitter

  5. Nancy said:

    Thank you soooo much for creating this blog. God bless you and please keep it up!

  6. Tom said:

    Aboslutely in love with this blog…I have always been so disappointed with ‘Christian’ music, but not anymore! This blog is a blessing from God and you are truly blessed by Him. Keep it up!

  7. Hannah said:

    What a great website idea…I am always on the look out for something different and original music when it comes to music that glorifies a creative God! I have found that there is a lot of it out there, just have to be willing to take some time to search it out, but I already found a couple of artist just from your first post….neato! Thanks!

  8. I’ve been thinking that I need to put more effort into finding Christian music that I enjoy but it’s so hard that I usually give up. This blog will make it easier. Thanks 🙂

  9. Lydia Meakins said:

    Tell me.

    1. Who contributes more to this blog. Christ or Ian?
    2. Do you take all the photos yourself.
    3. Check out https://soundcloud.com/jaredfortune

    Keep it up.

  10. Shirley A. said:

    Great! God bless you, this is exactly what I was looking for! You have no idea how much God is using you in this blog. Praise Jesus!

  11. Stephen, you’re doing an amazing job. This site, the youtube channel and souncloud page are all greatly appreciated.

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