Brass Knuckle Bullies – Somewhere Out There (Feat. Jael KDLV Chambers & Micah Gilday)

Genre: Hip-Hop, Acoustic, R&B

This song by Brass Knuckle Bullies is from their debut album bkb, Brass Knuckle Bullies is a Hip-Hop duo comprised of Customary, and Dominique Berho. In this song, Brass Knuckle Bullies rap about their future wives, and how they think they might be. The acoustic guitar loop over the top of this beat creates a nice summery, chilled out hip-hop sound. It’s great hearing a song like this, especially a hip-hop song, that is honouring to women especially when the music industry is filled with so many derogatory songs often about sex, where as this song looks at the personality and interests of the opposite sex. A brilliant and original song, and a great album too.

All rights belong to Brass Knuckle Bullies.

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