Josh Garrels – Rise (Kye Kye Remix)

Genre: Electronica, Dubstep, Remix

This song is taken from Josh Garrels’ B-Sides & Remixes from Love & War And The Sea Inbetween. This EP is available for free from his website (link below). THis remix is by the band Kye Kye, who are also definitely worth checking out and some of their stuff is already posted on here. I absolutely love this remix, it recaptures the brilliant lyrics of the original and just puts it to such a great beat, brilliantly produced and varied in it’s style. Beautiful.

All rights belong to Josh Garrels.

Download Love & War B-Sides & Remixes from Josh Garrels’ website:

Or buy the original Josh Garrel’s album Love & War & The Sea Inbetween from iTunes:
United Kingdom:
United States of America:

For more information on Josh Garrels visit:
For more information on Kye Kye visit:

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