WASHA – Child

Genre: Indie, Rock, Experimental, Singer/Songwriter

Explained in WASHA’s own words:
“2013 was the hardest year I have ever faced, and it was almost over before any of the seeds God had planted could come to fruition. All my life I lived cloaked in an overwhelming sense of darkness. That was the norm for me. It was natural, everyday life. I thought it was something I had to adjust to and deal with as I become older. It wasn’t until I realized for myself that I didn’t have to live that way that I was able to understand. It took a personal realization from the Lord for everything to connect. That there was a light that could pierce every dark. And it was the maturity of that realization that enabled me to become set free of the bondage the enemy had on me. It was like waking up from a long dream; being uncovered after living blanketed for so long. I thoroughly believe that DEPRESSION is not a natural element of nature, but a perversion of God’s gift of love. I was at a crossroads: fall victim to the enemy’s will for my life, or overcome my lifelong struggle and claim victory over my life through the Lord. Without God’s love, I would not be alive today. We don’t have to live in darkness, because He has already overcome. And so I live as a portrait of what Christ has done in my life. this is my testimony. This is my life. This is Child.”

Fell through the cracks
burnt there and back

Dark built from lungs
fate overcome

I was a child in my skin,
there is a man somewhere within.

Light floods the dark
fill, grateful heart

Yearn, thirst for love
death, overcome

I was a child in my skin,
there is man somewhere within.

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Photography by Dominik Martin:

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